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30 Jan | 27 Mar 2020

Croxteth Healthy Minds

Exchange Station, Tithebarn Street
Liverpool, L2 2QP

We are delighted to announce that we raised £130 from the sales of the brochures and donations. Many thanks to all those who donated to the fundraising!

The Rhys Jones Community Centre and its charity Croxteth Healthy Minds was the focus to Gyeyosi Gallery’s and CEG’s fundraising event.

The exhibition was hosted in Liverpool’s beautiful Exchange Station to raise awareness and as much funds for the amazing charity and to celebrate UK artists.

“Gyeyosi artists Corrina Field, Eddie Price, Peter R Smith and Georgina Vinsun will all be exhibiting at this event. Corrina Field, will have two of her spectacular glass sculptures displayed, influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design. Peter R Smith also a sculptor, will have a series of his Birds collection made from wooden off cuts and reclaimed mixed mediums. Eddie Price’s abstract inspiration stems from neuro-anatomy, soap bubbles and iconic triptychs. Georgina Vinsun brings the seasons, light, sounds and scents of nature delicately depicted in her oil canvases.”

Art brochures with all the artists details were available at Exchange Station Liverpool and at 196 Deansgate, Manchester. 100% of all proceeds went to the charity.

The money raised was donated to Croxteth Healthy Minds; launched in 2018 and set up by The Rhys Jones Community Centre which became the core hub of Croxteths’ regeneration. This Liverpool charity is committed to its services by promoting change in the Croxteth area and further through its caring involvement and education.

Thank you so much for your support.

May 2018 | Past

Stress : Are We Coping ?

The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

News is everywhere. In the digital age, it is no longer possible to control the news exposure or to shield children from upsetting information.”

Stress: Are We Coping? reflects on the effects of the mass media’s coverage of world events. A survey carried out by Mental Health Foundation indicated that parents found their children were anxious about what they heard through social media and the television and radio news. The top three concerns were the threat of nuclear war, Donald Trump’s presidency and climate change.

Gyeyosi Gallery in collaboration with Mental Health Foundation and The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery presents alternative views of our modern anxieties.

May 2017 | Past

Surviving or Thriving ?

The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

“Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem”

With the demands of the everyday from financial struggles, work commitments and social pressures, good mental health is less thriving amongst us…

Surviving or Thriving seeks to observe the areas of mental health which can lead to stress and anxiety or to a sense of well being and inner peace – The place in mental health which one hopes to find themselves in.

From the emotions that the everyday can bring through repetition, the familiar and the mundane, the exhibition delves into the effects on mental health: How many are Surviving to maintain a daily routine and what can be done to build on resilience in order to tip towards Thriving in mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 looks to uncover what is the difference between Surviving or Thriving and why certain communities are under strain. In support of this, Gyeyosi Gallery explores these areas of emotions in mental health. With the uncomfortable pain captured in Bryn Sutcliffe’s figure drawings, Barbara Witkowska’s surreal impressions of the everyday and with Georgina Vinsun’s ethereal depictions of meditative calmness, Surviving or Thriving recognises the importance and need to raise awareness for supporting good mental health.

June 2016 | Past

Southern Voices

People’s History Museum

From the Shadows of War and Empire: Perspectives of Colonised Peoples on World War One

A Unique exhibition taking a Black perspective on World War One and the role of the British colonies within it.

The project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, examines the involvement of the British colonies (India, West Indies, Nigeria and East Africa) in WW1 and the impact the war had on those countries. We look at European imperialism, the devastating losses on the colonies’ own ‘home fronts’ and subsequent strengthening movements for self-rule and independence.

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