There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – Manchester Central Library

As I approach the circular path that leads to the glass door entrance, a mass of snogging teenagers, too skint to get a room, occupy the hidden benches in what I have nicknamed “Lovers Corridor.” The scene is setting for Manchester Central Library’s Rock Music Exhibition!

On the first floor, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out fills the public space, curated in a saloon style, is the music/art photography exhibition. The attractive photography display gives a condensed history about Manchester Music scene and about some of the musicians displayed. It helps to have some knowledge of Manchester music in order to recognise who’s who. This will definitely make it more enjoyable. Although it is not absolutely necessary as the photography speaks for itself. There are some fantastic, professional pieces in the exhibition which are a great inspiration for amateur photographers, young musicians and those looking to start learning about Manchester Rock History.

The exhibition has a relaxed atmosphere as again the benches repeat themselves in the space and its location within the library gives it an approachable vibe. It is unlike going to an art gallery and can be enjoyed without the awkwardness some may feel from the usual white wall setting.

This exhibition is on until February so plenty of time to visit and revisit. It’s also a great space for informal meetings as I witnessed but beware of those smooching teenagers!

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