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“STUDYING for a Fine Art Degree in Hull in the Eighties was so intense, I never wanted to see another Art Gallery, artist or paint brush. I ran as far away from painting as I could,” says Sarah who later gained a BA, in Design and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. “Studies at art college in the Eighties were full on, and, as a student I lived and breathed Art with my fellow painters. We debated the painting of the 20th century mostly – such as Systems; Constructional and Minimal as well as Abstract Expressionism. We were well informed with Art History. We studied Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism. As students we used to pour over and discuss paintings for hours and hours in our bedsits and shared accommodation. The Shock of the New presented by Robert Hughes was impressed upon us.” 

“However, probably due to being saturated in the subject of art and an immaturity I concluded I did not have an artistic voice and couldn’t imagine where Art could possibly go next so I slipped quietly away. Carl Andres bricks in the Tate made my heart sink. Elitism and an aggressive commercial art market put me totally off. Until one day, in 2018, I was sorting through my late mother’s art materials because she used to paint as a hobby painter and had really great flair. I began by painting as a daily discipline. I painted a quick sketch each day and I was hooked once more, the desire and burn returned and that inner muse began to stir.

I believe I can now carry on having rediscovered my first love. My own brief is simple: I wish to convey good things in a positive light in my own style – semi-abstract expressionism.  I seek to convey movement and life.”

Now a farmer’s wife living on the North Staffordshire, South Cheshire border, Sarah spends much of her time painting in Watercolours on paper and canvas. 

Sarah works in a semi-abstract style. “Much of what I paint seems to reflect aspects of the countryside where I live, a wealth of source material and inspiration is at my fingertips, even when I walk the dog every morning – in the colours, the shapes and the light – these paintings seem to develop a character of their own!” 

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