Room 103 – A Tribute to George Orwell

Glenn Ibbitson, artist and curator of the exhibition had the great idea to organise an online blog inviting artists who have a love for Orwell. The response was significant and resulted in artists from across the globe sharing their Orwellian art!

The venue is located in Manchester’s Castlefield where the owners of Saul Hay Gallery gave their support to host this. I went to the opening evening with a very hospitable welcome. George Orwell’s son also gave a brief speech but it was great for us for him to be the guest speaker.

Personally my favourite piece has to be by the artist and curator who started it all! Glenn Ibbitson’s Target Pinned to Wall. This uncomfortable piece is of a nude man depicting his vulnerability being pinned against the wall. It looks to be a projection of black bullseye rings. His eyes are covered, intensifying the feeling of weakness – he is blind to being a targeted victim. Aside from this, the artist is so skilled in his portrayal of the scene with the foreshortening of the foot and classical nude body being thrown straight into a modern day era with its Big Brother CCTV.

From embroidery to sculpture to film and canvas, there’s a lot to take in, in this rather small space. It has been curated well considering the size. The exhibition runs until November 11th 2018 at Saul Hay Gallery, Castlefield Manchester.

Well worth a visit…

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