Eddie Price

Metamorphosis 2



Eddie Price

Original art piece is unavailable. Original art date: 2012

*Artist hand signed, Limited Edition Giclée Prints.

Comes complete with gallery signed Certificate of Authenticity.

*Artist is unable to sign due to Covid restrictions so currently a price drop -30% (Usually £50, currently £35)

“I named them [Metamorphosis 1 & 2] this because they are the incipient pieces of my metamorphic series subtitled (playing with lines, shapes, textures and colours).These are inspired by shapes made by the washing up liquids after washing the pots, by peeling paint, by clouds and anywhere I saw shapes that galvanized my imagination for nature and imagination are the artists inspiration. I’ve far too many of these forms on my smart phone gallery to ever use yet I can safely say every one of them as grabbed me and made me want to draw them and play around with them like those veritable pedagogues of art children do. One even caused me to get mugged! Because I seemed to have inherited the Prices penchant for poetry, words and storytelling. Nearly all my art has a story that I could relate to about it. In fact Alison Kershaw the linchpin of Pool Arts and lead artist at St. Luke’s art project paid me the kind compliment of saying that I was both  a raconteur and a bon vivant. However, I don’t think I fit the latter epithet.” – Eddie Price 08/01/19



A4 1/125 Limited edition Print

+ £3 p&p



A3 75/75 Limited Edition Print

+ £3 p&p



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