Sarah Baskerville


Watercolour on wood framed stretched Canvas
12 inches x 16 inches

+ £7 p&p




Sarah Baskerville

“I’ve always been fascinated with figures; not just the shapes and light effects, but also with movement and gravity. This is why I have focused on creating a series of ballet related images.  I paid attention to the dancer’s feet in compelling poses in balance.” Sarah Baskerville 2021

Sarah Baskerville uses an abstract expressionistic approach with some figurative aspects. She delights in colour, light and space as a celebration and personal exploration within the new medium of watercolour on canvas. She uses the innovative watercolour ground medium from Daniel Smith, waxing as a finish and utilising these modern pearlescents, resulting in an attractive almost illuminous, shimmering quality.

Painting inspiration from ballet study of images courtesy of Jacinta Murphy School of Dance, Ballet School, Victoria, Australia.

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