Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong; Phil Collins Exhibition

My first exhibition blog! Should have started doing this ages ago! Anyway I went to the Phil Collins exhibition yesterday at HOME in Manchester. No, not Phil Collins the musician but another one who’s a contemporary artist (although, I have to admit I instantly assumed it was about the Genesis lead singer at first.. HA!)

This is a great exhibition looking at the everyday lives of the working classes and how the working classes  are subjected to being the labourers to the middle classes and in essence, being forced to “know their place”. A film in which we are reminded how working classes should feel grateful that they even have a place at all is depicted with symbolism and narrative accompanying a statue of Friedrich Engels being  transported to Manchester.

This is just one of many ways the exhibition shows austerity subjugating, especially the working classes and how improving living conditions are being ignored today – Even the venue of HOME raised me and my friend the question “Is the venue actually a suitable one considering its location and its targeted middle class audience?!”

However, the venue does engage with those who do go to see it and It’s only then, when you see the 2nd film you realise that you have become part of the exhibition and to a certain extent, a performing subject, an everydayer…

There is a dry, dark humour which runs through the theme but I don’t want to give too much away – GO see it yourself! @HOMEmcr