Specialised for Staffordshire venues and artists - Solo art exhibitions

Exciting updates with Solo Art Exhibition duration!

The Curator is very pleased to announce the exhibition time lengths have now been extended at no extra cost to you, the artist. Just relax and enjoy your longer exhibition!


Curation Packages

1 week

Is now 2 weeks +

At no extra cost!

2 weeks

Is now 1 month +

At no extra cost!

Art Piece (up to 3 items) £80 £150
Exhibit Piece (up to 5 items) £120 £220
Showpiece (up to 7 items) £160 £300
Masterpiece (up to 15 items) £300 £580


All packages include an art and culture associated venue, labels for your artworks, installation (inc. uninstall) and professional curating. All prices include VAT. Please note the item amounts is based on small and medium sized art works. 

Solo art exhibition packages are also available for artists around the Staffordshire area including Cheshire, Lancashire, West Midlands, Shropshire and Derbyshire.


Please use the contact page stating which package and duration. Rosalind will contact you within 2 days (Monday to Friday) for your exhibition, free consultation to discuss your art and venue options. A non-refundable 25% deposit will be required once a venue placement is agreed. The remaining fee can be paid up until the date of installation.

(Important note: please only pay the deposit AFTER you have had your free consultation.)

Extras Rationale Flyers Preview event
Art Piece £30 £50 N/A
Exhibition Piece £50* £50* £250
Showpiece £70* £50* £250
Masterpiece £90* £50* £250


Rationale is the writing of an introduction text and print. *Costs included in preview event.

Flyers are A6 size and includes design from Vistaprint template for 100 quality sheen paper flyers. *Costs included in preview event.

Preview event organisation includes writing and releasing of a press release, social media marketing, and event/ticket planning with the venue. *Rationale and flyers included.


Commercial curation and pricing


Independent Art Curator for Art and Museum events & exhibitions.

Professional venue or museum art curation for commercial & charity organisations.

To discuss curating assignments, please contact our In- house Art Curator Rosalind, with details of curation project to our contact page.

Staffordshire location - £200 p/day

Outside Staffordshire in the UK - £200 p/day + accommodation expenses (if required) + travel expenses.

Alternatively, If you have received charity funding for your project, Rosalind would be happy to discuss your budget.

For more information of past exhibitions and curating assignments please see LinkedIn below.