Art Submissions

Email information about yourself including 5 high resolution images of your favourite works. To be considered for selling your art at Gyeyosi Gallery please be an artist who:


Frequently Asked Questions:
Are there any membership fees?
No. Gyeyosi is dedicated to promoting artists from Staffordshire and beyond to celebrate the talents of artists outside of London and to give recognition to artists who can be overseen because of their location. We believe talent is everywhere and not just in the South.
Are there any listing fees?
No, all art works listed are provided for by Gyeyosi Gallery on the website.
What is the commission fee for?
Commission rates are necessary to cover costs towards marketing, printing, exhibition planning, events management, venue premises and curating of art works.
Commission is only charged at 50% when an art work sells. Even if no art work sells, artists still benefit from Gyeyosi exhibitions and promotions with a guaranteed 1 year contract.
How many public art exhibitions have been displayed?
We aim for at least 1 exhibition per year in which Gyeyosi artists have all been included plus non Gyeyosi artists. Gyeyosi artists can sell their art works with displayed details at these exhibitions. We also make exhibitions an opportunity to raise awareness and sometimes fundraising for underrepresented, small charities.
Do I have to be an artist from or live in Staffordshire to be represented by Gyeyosi Gallery?
No, this is more to give art sales and art exhibition opportunities to artists from these smaller areas and counties including the Midlands and neighbouring North.
Do art works have to be exclusive to Gyeyosi Gallery?
Yes, this is to ensure sales without inconsistent pricing with other galleries but more importantly to provide clients with original and unique art. Art works which are exclusive can be art which has been previously created before joining Gyeyosi and/or new works.
How many other artists are with Gyeyosi Gallery?
We keep numbers small scale to no more than 20 artists as to ensure visibility on what is such an expansive art market online and in retail outlets. Through our smaller groups and Independent web presence our artists stand out more and therefore have more exposure.