ज्ञेयोसि (GYeyosi) = “You can be known”

Established in April 2017, Gyeyosi Gallery is an Independent online art gallery. Based in Staffordshire, Gyeyosi provides promotional platforms for local and neighbouring artists and Exhibition Art Curation across the UK. Gyeyosi supports artists from undergraduate to mid careers as well as promoting established artists whose mediums range from painting, sculpture and prints.

Gyeyosi exhibitions have been held at Stoke-on-Trent’s The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery and at Liverpool’s Exchange Station, with opportunities to exhibit at Manchester and Birmingham.

We encourage artists to work at their own pace enabling them to create original art works with freedom of expression to timescales which suits and supports the artists. We promote artists for their exposure and recognition in what is a vast field of the art industry, through exhibitions, social media and marketing. We are involved in community arts, collaborating with local businesses and working to bring art to the wider public, not just in gallery spaces but in urban and unconventional spaces too. We want art to be accessible to all, in a variety of spaces to people of all ages, cultures and work backgrounds. We aim to put art back on the agenda for cultural and creative importance and to bring art as a topic of discussion, debate and contemplation.

Art curator and Director, Rosalind can also provide free art direction advice to help inspire, motivate and reassure. This advice is from an art history perspective and contemporary curating knowledge, such as composition, tone, light and shade and finish.